Source code for jina.clients.base

"""Module containing the Base Client for Jina."""
import abc
import argparse
import inspect
import os
from abc import ABC
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, AsyncIterator, Callable, Iterator, Optional, Union

from jina.excepts import BadClientInput
from jina.helper import T, parse_client, typename
from jina.logging.logger import JinaLogger
from jina.logging.predefined import default_logger

    from jina.clients.request import GeneratorSourceType
    from jina.types.request import Request, Response

    InputType = Union[GeneratorSourceType, Callable[..., GeneratorSourceType]]
    CallbackFnType = Optional[Callable[[Response], None]]

[docs]class BaseClient(ABC): """A base client for connecting to the Flow Gateway. :param args: the Namespace from argparse :param kwargs: additional parameters that can be accepted by client parser """ def __init__( self, args: Optional['argparse.Namespace'] = None, **kwargs, ): if args and isinstance(args, argparse.Namespace): self.args = args else: self.args = parse_client(kwargs) self.logger = JinaLogger(self.__class__.__name__, **vars(self.args)) if not self.args.proxy and != 'nt': # (Han 2020 12.12): gRPC channel is over HTTP2 and it does not work when we have proxy # as many enterprise users are behind proxy, a quick way to # surpass it is by temporally unset proxy. Please do NOT panic as it will NOT # affect users os-level envs. os.unsetenv('http_proxy') os.unsetenv('https_proxy') self._inputs = None
[docs] @staticmethod def check_input(inputs: Optional['InputType'] = None, **kwargs) -> None: """Validate the inputs and print the first request if success. :param inputs: the inputs :param kwargs: keyword arguments """ if inputs is None: # empty inputs is considered as valid return if hasattr(inputs, '__call__'): # it is a function inputs = inputs() kwargs['data'] = inputs kwargs['exec_endpoint'] = '/' if inspect.isasyncgenfunction(inputs) or inspect.isasyncgen(inputs): raise BadClientInput( 'checking the validity of an async generator is not implemented yet' ) try: from jina.clients.request import request_generator r = next(request_generator(**kwargs)) from jina.types.request import Request if not isinstance(r, Request): raise TypeError(f'{typename(r)} is not a valid Request') except Exception as ex: default_logger.error(f'inputs is not valid!') raise BadClientInput from ex
def _get_requests( self, **kwargs ) -> Union[Iterator['Request'], AsyncIterator['Request']]: """ Get request in generator. :param kwargs: Keyword arguments. :return: Iterator of request. """ _kwargs = vars(self.args) _kwargs['data'] = self.inputs # override by the caller-specific kwargs _kwargs.update(kwargs) if hasattr(self._inputs, '__len__'): total_docs = len(self._inputs) elif 'total_docs' in _kwargs: total_docs = _kwargs['total_docs'] else: total_docs = None self._inputs_length = None if total_docs: self._inputs_length = max(1, total_docs / _kwargs['request_size']) if inspect.isasyncgen(self.inputs): from jina.clients.request.asyncio import request_generator return request_generator(**_kwargs) else: from jina.clients.request import request_generator return request_generator(**_kwargs) @property def inputs(self) -> 'InputType': """ An iterator of bytes, each element represents a Document's raw content. ``inputs`` defined in the protobuf :return: inputs """ return self._inputs @inputs.setter def inputs(self, bytes_gen: 'InputType') -> None: """ Set the input data. :param bytes_gen: input type """ if hasattr(bytes_gen, '__call__'): self._inputs = bytes_gen() else: self._inputs = bytes_gen @abc.abstractmethod async def _get_results( self, inputs: 'InputType', on_done: 'CallbackFnType', on_error: Optional['CallbackFnType'] = None, on_always: Optional['CallbackFnType'] = None, **kwargs, ): ... @abc.abstractmethod def _dry_run(self, **kwargs) -> bool: """Sends a dry run to the Flow to validate if the Flow is ready to receive requests :param kwargs: potential kwargs received passed from the public interface """ ... @property def client(self: T) -> T: """Return the client object itself :return: the Client object """ return self