Source code for jina.clients

"""Module wrapping the Client of Jina."""
import argparse
from typing import overload, Optional, Union, TYPE_CHECKING

__all__ = ['Client']

from ..enums import GatewayProtocolType

    from .grpc import GRPCClient, AsyncGRPCClient
    from .websocket import WebSocketClient, AsyncWebSocketClient
    from .http import HTTPClient, AsyncHTTPClient

# overload_inject_start_client
def Client(
    asyncio: Optional[bool] = False,
    host: Optional[str] = '',
    https: Optional[bool] = False,
    port: Optional[int] = None,
    protocol: Optional[str] = 'GRPC',
    proxy: Optional[bool] = False,
) -> Union[
    """Create a Client. Client is how user interact with Flow

    :param asyncio: If set, then the input and output of this Client work in an asynchronous manner.
    :param host: The host address of the runtime, by default it is
    :param https: If set, connect to gateway using https
    :param port: The port of the Gateway, which the client should connect to.
    :param protocol: Communication protocol between server and client.
    :param proxy: If set, respect the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables. otherwise, it will unset these proxy variables before start. gRPC seems to prefer no proxy
    :return: the new Client object

    .. # noqa: DAR202
    .. # noqa: DAR101
    .. # noqa: DAR003
    # overload_inject_end_client

[docs]def Client( args: Optional['argparse.Namespace'] = None, **kwargs ) -> Union[ 'AsyncWebSocketClient', 'WebSocketClient', 'AsyncGRPCClient', 'GRPCClient', 'HTTPClient', 'AsyncHTTPClient', ]: """Jina Python client. :param args: Namespace args. :param kwargs: Additional arguments. :return: An instance of :class:`GRPCClient` or :class:`WebSocketClient`. """ protocol = ( args.protocol if args else kwargs.get('protocol', GatewayProtocolType.GRPC) ) if isinstance(protocol, str): protocol = GatewayProtocolType.from_string(protocol) is_async = (args and args.asyncio) or kwargs.get('asyncio', False) if protocol == GatewayProtocolType.GRPC: if is_async: from .grpc import AsyncGRPCClient return AsyncGRPCClient(args, **kwargs) else: from .grpc import GRPCClient return GRPCClient(args, **kwargs) elif protocol == GatewayProtocolType.WEBSOCKET: if is_async: from .websocket import AsyncWebSocketClient return AsyncWebSocketClient(args, **kwargs) else: from .websocket import WebSocketClient return WebSocketClient(args, **kwargs) elif protocol == GatewayProtocolType.HTTP: if is_async: from .http import AsyncHTTPClient return AsyncHTTPClient(args, **kwargs) else: from .http import HTTPClient return HTTPClient(args, **kwargs)