Source code for jina.checker

__copyright__ = "Copyright (c) 2020 Jina AI Limited. All rights reserved."
__license__ = "Apache-2.0"

import os

from . import __jina_env__
from .helper import colored
from .importer import import_classes, _print_dep_tree_rst
from .logging import default_logger

if False:
    # fix type-hint complain for sphinx and flake
    import argparse

[docs]class ImportChecker: """Check all executors, drivers and handler functions in the package.""" def __init__(self, args: 'argparse.Namespace'): """ Create a new :class:`ImportChecker`. :param args: args provided by the CLI. """'\navailable core executors\n'.upper()) _r = import_classes('jina.executors', show_import_table=True, import_once=False) if args.summary_exec: with open(args.summary_exec, 'w') as fp: _print_dep_tree_rst(fp, _r, 'Executor')'\navailable hub executors\n'.upper()) _r = import_classes('jina.hub', show_import_table=True, import_once=False) if args.summary_exec and _r: with open(args.summary_exec, 'w') as fp: _print_dep_tree_rst(fp, _r, 'Executor')'\navailable drivers\n'.upper()) _r = import_classes('jina.drivers', show_import_table=True, import_once=False) if args.summary_driver: with open(args.summary_driver, 'w') as fp: _print_dep_tree_rst(fp, _r, 'Driver') # check available driver group'\nenvironment variables\n'.upper()) '\n'.join( f'{k:<20}\t{os.environ.get(k, colored("(unset)", "yellow"))}' for k in __jina_env__ ) )
[docs]class NetworkChecker: """Check if a BasePod is running or not.""" def __init__(self, args: 'argparse.Namespace'): """ Create a new :class:`NetworkChecker`. :param args: args provided by the CLI. """ from .peapods.zmq import send_ctrl_message from .logging.profile import TimeContext from google.protobuf.json_format import MessageToJson import time ctrl_addr = f'tcp://{}:{args.port}' try: total_time = 0 total_success = 0 for j in range(args.retries): with TimeContext( f'ping {ctrl_addr} at {j} round', default_logger ) as tc: r = send_ctrl_message(ctrl_addr, 'STATUS', timeout=args.timeout) if not r: default_logger.warning( 'not responding, retry (%d/%d) in 1s' % (j + 1, args.retries) ) else: total_success += 1 if args.print_response:'returns {MessageToJson(r.proto)}') total_time += tc.duration time.sleep(1) if total_success < args.retries: default_logger.warning( 'message lost %.0f%% (%d/%d) ' % ( (1 - total_success / args.retries) * 100, args.retries - total_success, args.retries, ) ) if total_success > 0: default_logger.success( 'avg. latency: %.0f ms' % (total_time / total_success * 1000) ) exit(0) except KeyboardInterrupt: pass # returns 1 (anomaly) when it comes to here exit(1)