Source code for docarray.simple.score

from typing import Optional, List

from ..base import BaseProtoView
from ..proto import docarray_pb2

[docs]class NamedScore(BaseProtoView): """ :class:`NamedScore` is one of the **primitive data type** in Jina. It offers a Pythonic interface to allow users access and manipulate :class:`jina.docarray_pb2.NamedScoreProto` object without working with Protobuf itself. To create a :class:`NamedScore` object, simply: .. highlight:: python .. code-block:: python from jina.types.score import NamedScore score = NamedScore() score.value = 10.0 :class:`NamedScore` can be built from ``docarray_pb2.NamedScoreProto`` (as a weak reference or a deep copy) or from a set of `attributes` from ``docarray_pb2.NamedScoreProto`` passed to the constructor. .. highlight:: python .. code-block:: python from jina.types.score import NamedScore from docarray_pb2 import NamedScoreProto score = NamedScore(value=10.0, op_name='ranker', description='score computed by ranker') score_proto = NamedScoreProto() score_proto.value = 10.0 score = NamedScore(score_proto) :param score: The score to construct from, depending on the ``copy``, it builds a view or a copy from it. :type score: Optional[docarray_pb2.NamedScoreProto] :param copy: When ``score`` is given as a :class:`NamedScoreProto` object, build a view (i.e. weak reference) from it or a deep copy from it. :type copy: bool :param kwargs: Other parameters to be set """ _PbMsg = docarray_pb2.NamedScoreProto def __init__(self, obj=None, copy: bool = False, **kwargs): super().__init__(obj, copy=copy) self._set_attrs(**kwargs) if self._pb_body is None: raise ValueError(f'{type(self)} can not be initialized as empty') def _set_attrs(self, **kwargs): """Update fields with key-value specified in kwargs. :param kwargs: Key-value parameters to be set """ for k, v in kwargs.items(): if isinstance(v, (list, tuple)): self._pb_body.ClearField(k) if k == 'operands': scores_to_add = [] for item in v: if isinstance(item, NamedScore): score_to_add = item elif isinstance(item, docarray_pb2.NamedScoreProto): score_to_add = NamedScore(item) elif isinstance(item, dict): score_to_add = NamedScore(**item) else: raise AttributeError(f'{item} is not recognized.') scores_to_add.append(score_to_add) for score_to_add in scores_to_add: s = self._pb_body.operands.add() s.CopyFrom(score_to_add._pb_body) else: raise AttributeError( f'{k} is not recognized, the only list argument is operands' ) else: if ( hasattr(NamedScore, k) and isinstance(getattr(NamedScore, k), property) and getattr(NamedScore, k).fset ): # if class property has a setter setattr(self, k, v) elif hasattr(self._pb_body, k): # no property setter, but proto has this attribute so fallback to proto setattr(self._pb_body, k, v) else: raise AttributeError(f'{k} is not recognized') @property def value(self) -> float: """Return the ``value`` of this NamedScore, the `id` of which this NamedScore is a score. :return: the score value """ return self._pb_body.value @value.setter def value(self, val: float): """Set the ``value`` to :attr:`value`. :param val: The score value to set """ self._pb_body.value = val @property def ref_id(self) -> str: """Return the ``ref_id`` of this NamedScore, the `id` of which this NamedScore is a score. :return: the ref_id """ return self._pb_body.ref_id @ref_id.setter def ref_id(self, val: str): """ Set the ``ref_id`` to :param: `val`. :param val: The ref_id value to set """ self._pb_body.ref_id = val @property def op_name(self) -> str: """Return the ``op_name`` of this NamedScore :return: the op_name """ return self._pb_body.op_name @op_name.setter def op_name(self, val: str): """Set the ``op_name`` to :param: `val`. :param val: The op_name value to set """ self._pb_body.op_name = val @property def description(self) -> str: """Return the ``description`` of this NamedScore :return: the description """ return self._pb_body.description @description.setter def description(self, val: str): """Set the ``description`` to :param: `val`. :param val: The description value to set """ self._pb_body.description = val @property def operands(self: 'NamedScore') -> List['NamedScore']: """Returns list of nested NamedScore operands. :return: list of nested NamedScore operands. """ return [type(self)(operand) for operand in self._pb_body.operands]