Source code for docarray.simple.list

from import MutableSequence
from typing import Union, List, Any

from google.protobuf import struct_pb2

from ..base import BaseProtoView

[docs]class ListView(BaseProtoView, MutableSequence): """Create a Python mutable sequence view of Protobuf ListValue struct. This can be used in all Jina types where a protobuf.ListValue is returned. Used inside `StructView` when the inner element is a `ListValue` """ _PbMsg = struct_pb2.ListValue
[docs] def insert(self, index: int, object: Any) -> None: """ Insert any value that can be converted into a struct_pb2.Value into the list :param index: Position of the insertion. :param object: The object that needs to be inserted. """ if index >= len(self): self._pb_body.append(object) else: self[index] = object
def __getitem__(self, i: Union[int, slice]): if isinstance(i, int) and i >= len(self): raise IndexError('list index out of range') value = self._pb_body[i] if isinstance(value, struct_pb2.Struct): from .struct import StructView return StructView(value) elif isinstance(value, struct_pb2.ListValue): return ListView(value) else: return value def __setitem__(self, i, value): self._pb_body[i] = value def __delitem__(self, i: Union[int, slice]) -> None: del self._pb_body[i] def __len__(self) -> int: return len(self._pb_body) def __iter__(self): for i in range(len(self)): yield self[i] def __eq__(self, other: Union['ListView', List]): if isinstance(other, List): return list(self) == other elif isinstance(other, ListView): return self.proto == other.proto else: return False def __contains__(self, object: Any): for element in self: if element == object: return True return False