Source code for docarray.document.mixins.mesh

import numpy as np

from ...helper import T, deprecate_by

[docs]class MeshDataMixin: """Provide helper functions for :class:`Document` to support 3D mesh data and point cloud. """
[docs] def load_uri_to_point_cloud_blob( self: T, samples: int, as_chunks: bool = False ) -> T: """Convert a 3d mesh-like :attr:`.uri` into :attr:`.blob` :param samples: number of points to sample from the mesh :param as_chunks: when multiple geometry stored in one mesh file, then store each geometry into different :attr:`.chunks` :return: itself after processed """ import trimesh mesh = trimesh.load_mesh(self.uri).deduplicated() pcs = [] for geo in mesh.geometry.values(): geo: trimesh.Trimesh pcs.append(geo.sample(samples)) if as_chunks: from . import Document for p in pcs: self.chunks.append(Document(blob=p)) else: self.blob = np.stack(pcs).squeeze() return self
convert_uri_to_point_cloud_blob = deprecate_by(load_uri_to_point_cloud_blob)