Source code for docarray.document.mixins.content

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Union

from ...helper import T, deprecate_by, typename
from ...ndarray import get_array_type

    from ...ndarray import ArrayType

    DocumentContentType = Union[bytes, str, ArrayType]


[docs]class ContentPropertyMixin: """Provide helper functions for :class:`Document` to allow universal content property access. """ @property def content(self) -> 'DocumentContentType': """Return the content of the document. It checks whichever field among :attr:`blob`, :attr:`text`, :attr:`buffer` has value and return it. .. seealso:: :attr:`blob`, :attr:`buffer`, :attr:`text` :return: the value of the content depending on `:meth:`content_type` """ attr = self.content_type if attr: return getattr(self, attr) @content.setter def content(self, value: 'DocumentContentType'): """Set the content of the document. It assigns the value to field with the right type. .. seealso:: :attr:`blob`, :attr:`buffer`, :attr:`text` :param value: the value from which to set the content of the Document """ if isinstance(value, bytes): self.buffer = value elif isinstance(value, str): self.text = value else: try: get_array_type(value) self.blob = value except: raise TypeError(f'{typename(value)} is not recognizable') @property def content_type(self) -> str: """Return the content type of the document, possible values: text, blob, buffer :return: the type of content of this Document """ return self._pb_body.WhichOneof('content') @property def content_hash(self) -> str: """Get the document hash according to its content. :return: the unique hash code to represent this Document """ # a tuple of field names that inclusive when computing content hash. from google.protobuf.field_mask_pb2 import FieldMask from hashlib import blake2b fields = ( 'text', 'blob', 'buffer', 'embedding', 'uri', 'tags', 'mime_type', 'granularity', 'adjacency', ) masked_d = self._PbMsg() present_fields = { for field_descriptor, _ in self._pb_body.ListFields() } fields_to_hash = present_fields.intersection(fields) FieldMask(paths=fields_to_hash).MergeMessage(self._pb_body, masked_d) return blake2b( masked_d.SerializePartialToString(), digest_size=_DIGEST_SIZE ).hexdigest()
[docs] def dump_content_to_datauri(self: T) -> T: """Convert :attr:`.content` in :attr:`.uri` inplace with best effort :return: itself after processed """ if self.text: self.convert_text_to_uri() elif self.buffer: self.convert_buffer_to_uri() elif self.content_type: raise NotImplementedError return self
convert_content_to_uri = deprecate_by(dump_content_to_datauri)