Source code for docarray.array.mixins.magic

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from ...helper import typename

    from ..types import DocumentArraySourceType

[docs]class MagicMixin: """Magic helpers for DA/DAM. """ def __bool__(self): """To simulate ```l = []; if l: ...``` :return: returns true if the length of the array is larger than 0 """ return len(self) > 0 def __repr__(self): return f'<{typename(self)} (length={len(self)}) at {id(self)}>' def __add__(self, other: 'DocumentArraySourceType'): v = type(self)() for doc in self: v.append(doc) for doc in other: v.append(doc) return v def __iadd__(self, other: 'DocumentArraySourceType'): for doc in other: self.append(doc) return self def __getstate__(self): r = dict(serialized=bytes(self)) if hasattr(self, '_ref_doc'): r['ref_doc'] = bytes(self._ref_doc) return r def __setstate__(self, state): from ..document import DocumentArray da = DocumentArray.load_binary(state['serialized']) if 'ref_doc' in state: from ...document import Document ref_doc = Document(state['ref_doc']) self.__init__(da, ref_doc) else: self.__init__() self.extend(da)