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import json
import os.path
from contextlib import nullcontext
from typing import Union, TextIO, TYPE_CHECKING, Type, List

    from ....helper import T

[docs]class JsonIOMixin: """Save/load a array into a JSON file."""
[docs] def save_json(self, file: Union[str, TextIO]) -> None: """Save array elements into a JSON file. Comparing to :meth:`save_binary`, it is human-readable but slower to save/load and the file size larger. :param file: File or filename to which the data is saved. """ if hasattr(file, 'write'): file_ctx = nullcontext(file) else: file_ctx = open(file, 'w') with file_ctx as fp: for d in self: json.dump(d.to_dict(), fp) fp.write('\n')
[docs] @classmethod def load_json(cls: Type['T'], file: Union[str, TextIO]) -> 'T': """Load array elements from a JSON file. :param file: File or filename or a JSON string to which the data is saved. :return: a DocumentArrayLike object """ if hasattr(file, 'read'): file_ctx = nullcontext(file) elif os.path.exists(file): file_ctx = open(file) else: file_ctx = nullcontext(json.loads(file)) from ....document import Document with file_ctx as fp: da = cls() da.extend(Document(v) for v in fp) return da
[docs] def to_list(self) -> List: """Convert the object into a Python list. .. note:: Array like object such as :class:`numpy.ndarray` will be converted to Python list. :return: a Python list """ return [d.to_dict() for d in self]
[docs] def to_json(self) -> str: """Convert the object into a JSON string. Can be loaded via :meth:`.load_json`. :return: a Python list """ return json.dumps(self.to_list())