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import uuid
from typing import Dict, Union

from .enums import IDLiterals

[docs]class DaemonID(str): """Custom datatype defining an ID in Daemon""" pattern = f'^({"|".join(IDLiterals.values)})-[0-9a-f]{{8}}-[0-9a-f]{{4}}-[0-9a-f]{{4}}-[0-9a-f]{{4}}-[0-9a-f]{{12}}$' def __new__(cls, value: Union[str, IDLiterals], *args, **kwargs) -> 'DaemonID': """Validate str and create `DaemonID` object :param value: input value :param args: args :param kwargs: keyword args :return: `DaemonID` object """ return str.__new__(cls, cls.validate(value), *args, **kwargs) @property def jtype(self) -> str: """Get IDLiterals from DaemonID :return: get jtype """ return self.split('-', 1)[0] @property def jid(self): """Get uuid from DaemonID :return: get uuid """ return self.split('-', 1)[1] @property def type(self): """Get jina object type from DaemonID :return: get type """ return self.jtype[1:] @property def tag(self): """Get tag (: separated type & id) from DaemonID :return: get tag """ return f'{self.jtype}:{self.jid}' @classmethod def __get_validators__(cls): yield cls.pydantic_validate
[docs] @classmethod def validate(cls, value: str) -> str: """Validate DaemonID :param value: str to be validated :return: str of type DaemonID """ if not isinstance(value, str): raise TypeError('Malformed DaemonID: must be a string') jtype, *jid = value.split('-', 1) if jtype not in IDLiterals.values: raise TypeError( f'Malformed DaemonID: \'{jtype}\' not in {IDLiterals.values}' ) if not jid: jid = str(uuid.uuid4()) else: try: jid = uuid.UUID(*jid) except ValueError: raise TypeError(f'Malformed DaemonID: {*jid,} is not a valid UUID') return f'{jtype}-{jid}'
[docs] @classmethod def pydantic_validate(cls, value: str): """Validate method for pydantic :param value: str to be validated :return: str of type DaemonID """ return cls(cls.validate(value))
@classmethod def __modify_schema__(cls, field_schema: Dict): field_schema.update(pattern=cls.pattern) def __repr__(self): return f'DaemonID({super().__repr__()})'
[docs]def daemonize(identity: str, kind: str = 'workspace') -> DaemonID: """Convert to DaemonID :param identity: uuid or DaemonID :param kind: defaults to 'workspace' :return: DaemonID from identity """ try: return DaemonID(identity) except TypeError: return DaemonID(f'j{kind}-{identity}')