Source code for daemon.models.enums

import os
import warnings
from enum import Enum
from typing import List

from ..helper import classproperty

[docs]class DaemonEnum(str, Enum): """Base class of Enum in JinaD""" @classproperty def values(cls) -> List: """Get all values in Enum :return: Get all values in Enum """ return list(map(lambda c: c.value, cls))
[docs]class IDLiterals(DaemonEnum): """Enum representing all values allowed in DaemonID""" JPOD = 'jpod' JPEA = 'jpea' JFLOW = 'jflow' JNETWORK = 'jnetwork' JWORKSPACE = 'jworkspace'
[docs]class DaemonDockerfile(DaemonEnum): """Enum representing build value passed in .jinad file""" DEVEL = 'devel' DEFAULT = 'default' CPU = 'default' GPU = 'gpu' OTHERS = 'others'
[docs] @classproperty def default(cls) -> str: """Get default value for DaemonDockerfile .. note:: set env var `JINA_DAEMON_BUILD` to `DEVEL` if you're working on dev mode :return: default value for DaemonDockerfile""" if os.getenv('JINA_DAEMON_DOCKERFILE') == 'DEVEL': return cls.DEVEL elif os.getenv('JINA_DAEMON_BUILD') == 'DEVEL': warnings.warn( 'env var `JINA_DAEMON_BUILD` is deprecated now. Please use `JINA_DAEMON_DOCKERFILE`' ) return cls.DEVEL else: return cls.DEFAULT
[docs]class PythonVersion(DaemonEnum): """Enum representing python versions allowed in .jinad file""" PY37 = '3.7' PY38 = '3.8' PY39 = '3.9'
[docs] @classproperty def default(cls) -> str: """Get default value for PythonVersion :return: default value for PythonVersion""" return cls.PY38
[docs]class PartialDaemonModes(DaemonEnum): """Enum representing partial daemon modes""" PEA = 'pea' POD = 'pod' FLOW = 'flow'