Source code for daemon.models.custom

import argparse
from typing import Iterable, Callable

from pydantic import create_model, validator, Field, BaseConfig

from cli.export import _export_parser_args
from jina import helper
from jina.helper import typename, random_identity

def _get_validator(field: str, choices: Iterable):
    """Pydantic validator classmethod generator to validate fields exist in choices

    :param field: the field to validate
    :param choices: the choices to check
    :return: whether or not it's valid

    def validate_arg_choices(v, values):
        if v not in choices:
            raise ValueError(
                f'Invalid value {v}({typename(v)} for field {field}. '
                f'Valid choices are {choices}'
        return v

    validate_arg_choices.__qualname__ = 'validate_' + field
    return validator(field, allow_reuse=True)(validate_arg_choices)

def _get_pydantic_fields(parser: Callable[..., 'argparse.ArgumentParser'], **kwargs):
    all_options = {}
    choices_validators = {}

    for a in _export_parser_args(parser, **kwargs):
        if a.get('choices', None) and a.get('default', None):
            choices_validators[f'validator_for_{a["name"]}'] = _get_validator(
                field=a['name'], choices=set(a['choices'])
        if a['required']:
            f = Field(default=..., example=a['default'], description=a['help'])
        elif a.get('default_factory', None):
            if a['default_factory'] == random_identity.__name__:
                f = Field(
            elif a['default_factory'] == helper.random_port.__name__:
                f = Field(
                raise ValueError(
                    f'default_factory: {a["default_factory"]} is not recognizable for {a}'
            f = Field(default=a['default'], description=a['help'])

        all_options[a['name']] = (a['type'], f)

    return all_options, choices_validators

[docs]def build_pydantic_model(model_name: str, module: str): """Built the model for Pydantic :param model_name: the name :param module: the module :return: the model """ class _PydanticConfig(BaseConfig): arbitrary_types_allowed = True from jina.parsers import helper helper._SHOW_ALL_ARGS, old_val = True, helper._SHOW_ALL_ARGS from jina.parsers import set_pea_parser, set_pod_parser from jina.parsers.flow import set_flow_parser kwargs = {} if module == 'pod': parser = set_pod_parser elif module == 'pea': parser = set_pea_parser elif module == 'flow': parser = set_flow_parser kwargs = {'with_identity': True} else: raise TypeError(f'{module} is not supported') all_fields, field_validators = _get_pydantic_fields(parser, **kwargs) helper._SHOW_ALL_ARGS = old_val return create_model( model_name, **all_fields, __config__=_PydanticConfig, __validators__=field_validators, )