Source code for daemon.clients.pods

from http import HTTPStatus
from typing import Union

import aiohttp

from .peas import AsyncPeaClient
from .mixin import AsyncToSyncMixin
from ..helper import if_alive, error_msg_from
from import DaemonID, daemonize
from ..models.enums import UpdateOperation

[docs]class AsyncPodClient(AsyncPeaClient): """Async Client to create/update/delete Peods on remote JinaD""" _kind = 'pod' _endpoint = '/pods' @if_alive async def update( self, id: Union[str, 'DaemonID'], dump_path: str, *args, **kwargs ) -> str: """Update a Flow on remote JinaD (only rolling_update supported) :param id: flow id :param dump_path: path of dump from other flow :param args: positional args :param kwargs: keyword args :return: flow id """ async with aiohttp.request( method='PUT', url=f'{self.store_api}/{daemonize(id, self._kind)}', params={ 'kind': UpdateOperation.ROLLING_UPDATE.value, 'dump_path': dump_path, }, timeout=self.timeout, ) as response: response_json = await response.json() if response.status != HTTPStatus.OK: error_msg = error_msg_from(response_json) self._logger.error( f'{self._kind.title()} update failed as: {error_msg}' ) return error_msg return response_json
[docs]class PodClient(AsyncToSyncMixin, AsyncPodClient): """Client to create/update/delete Pods on remote JinaD"""