Source code for daemon.clients.peas

from http import HTTPStatus
from typing import Dict, Optional, TYPE_CHECKING, Tuple, Union

import aiohttp

from import daemonize
from .base import AsyncBaseClient
from .mixin import AsyncToSyncMixin
from ..helper import error_msg_from, if_alive

    from ..models import DaemonID

[docs]class AsyncPeaClient(AsyncBaseClient): """Async Client to create/update/delete Peas on remote JinaD""" _kind = 'pea' _endpoint = '/peas' @if_alive async def arguments(self) -> Optional[Dict]: """Get all arguments accepted by a remote Pea/Pod :return: dict arguments of remote JinaD """ async with aiohttp.request( method='GET', url=f'{self.store_api}/arguments', timeout=self.timeout ) as response: if response.status == HTTPStatus.OK: return await response.json() @if_alive async def create( self, workspace_id: Union[str, 'DaemonID'], payload: Dict, envs: Dict[str, str] = {}, ) -> Tuple[bool, str]: """Create a remote Pea / Pod :param workspace_id: id of workspace where the Pea would live in :param payload: json payload :param envs: dict of env vars to be passed :return: (True if Pea/Pod creation succeeded) and (the identity of the spawned Pea/Pod or, error message) """ envs = ( [('envs', f'{k}={v}') for k, v in envs.items()] if envs and isinstance(envs, Dict) else [] ) async with aiohttp.request( method='POST', url=self.store_api, params=[('workspace_id', daemonize(workspace_id))] + envs, json=payload, timeout=self.timeout, ) as response: response_json = await response.json() if response.status == HTTPStatus.CREATED: self._logger.success( f'successfully created a {self._kind.title()} {response_json} in workspace {workspace_id}' ) return True, response_json elif response.status == HTTPStatus.UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY: field_msg = ( f' for field {response_json["detail"][0]["loc"][1]}' if 'loc' in response_json["detail"][0] else '' ) error_msg = f'validation error in the payload: {response_json["detail"][0]["msg"]}{field_msg}' self._logger.error(error_msg) return False, error_msg else: error_msg = error_msg_from(response_json) self._logger.error( f'{self._kind.title()} creation failed as: {error_msg}' ) return False, error_msg @if_alive async def delete(self, id: Union[str, 'DaemonID'], **kwargs) -> bool: """Delete a remote Pea/Pod :param id: the identity of the Pea/Pod :param kwargs: keyword arguments :return: True if the deletion is successful """ async with aiohttp.request( method='DELETE', url=f'{self.store_api}/{daemonize(id, self._kind)}', timeout=self.timeout, ) as response: response_json = await response.json() if response.status != HTTPStatus.OK: self._logger.error( f'deletion of {self._kind.title()} {id} failed: {error_msg_from(response_json)}' ) return response.status == HTTPStatus.OK
[docs]class PeaClient(AsyncToSyncMixin, AsyncPeaClient): """Client to create/update/delete Peas on remote JinaD"""