Source code for daemon.clients.mixin

from functools import partialmethod

from jina.helper import run_async

[docs]class AsyncToSyncMixin: """Mixin to convert `async def`s to `def`"""
[docs] def func(self, func_name, *args, **kwargs): """convert async method `func_name` to a normal method :param func_name: name of method in super :param args: positional args :param kwargs: keyword args :return: run func_name from super """ f = getattr(super(), func_name, None) if f: return run_async(f, any_event_loop=True, *args, **kwargs)
alive = partialmethod(func, 'alive') status = partialmethod(func, 'status') get = partialmethod(func, 'get') list = partialmethod(func, 'list') arguments = partialmethod(func, 'arguments') create = partialmethod(func, 'create') update = partialmethod(func, 'update') rolling_update = partialmethod(func, 'rolling_update') scale = partialmethod(func, 'scale') delete = partialmethod(func, 'delete')