Source code for daemon.api.endpoints

from fastapi import APIRouter

from jina.helper import get_public_ip, get_internal_ip, get_full_version
from jina.logging.profile import used_memory_readable
from ...models import DaemonStatus
from ...stores import workspace_store, pea_store, pod_store, flow_store

router = APIRouter(tags=['daemon'])

[docs]@router.on_event('startup') async def startup(): """Start the process""" from ... import daemon_logger, jinad_args f''' Welcome to Jina daemon - the manager of distributed Jina 💬 Swagger UI :\thttp://localhost:{jinad_args.port}/docs 📚 Redoc :\thttp://localhost:{jinad_args.port}/redoc 🔒 Private address:\thttp://{get_internal_ip()}:{jinad_args.port} 🌐 Public address :\thttp://{get_public_ip()}:{jinad_args.port}''' ) from jina import __ready_msg__ daemon_logger.success(__ready_msg__)
@router.get( path='/', ) async def _home(): """ The instruction HTML when user visits `/` directly .. #noqa: DAR201 """ return {} @router.get( path='/status', summary='Get the status of the daemon', response_model=DaemonStatus ) async def _status(): _jina, _envs = get_full_version() return { 'jina': _jina, 'envs': _envs, 'workspaces': workspace_store.status, 'peas': pea_store.status, 'pods': pod_store.status, 'flows': flow_store.status, 'used_memory': used_memory_readable(), }