Welcome to Jina!

Jina is a neural search framework that empowers anyone to build SOTA and scalable neural search applications in minutes.

⏱️ Save time - The design pattern of neural search systems. Quickly build solutions for indexing, querying, understanding multi-/cross-modal data such as video, image, text, audio, source code, PDF.

🌩️ Local & cloud friendly - Distributed architecture, scalable & cloud-native from day one. Same developer experience on local, Docker Compose, Kubernetes.

🚀 Serve, scale & share - Serve a local project with HTTP, WebSockets or gRPC endpoints in just minutes. Scale your neural search applications to meet your availability and throughput requirements. Share and reuse building blocks from Hub.

🍱 Own your stack - Keep end-to-end stack ownership of your solution. Avoid integration pitfalls you get with fragmented, multi-vendor, generic legacy tools. Enjoy the integration with the neural search ecosystem including DocArray, Hub and Finetuner.


  1. Make sure that you have Python 3.7+ installed on Linux/MacOS/Windows.

    pip install -U jina
    conda install jina -c conda-forge
    docker pull jinaai/jina:latest
  2. That’s it! Try a hello-world demo

    jina hello fashion
    docker run -v "$(pwd)/j:/j" jinaai/jina:latest hello fashion --workdir /j && open j/demo.html

Now that you’re set up, let’s dive into more of how Jina works and how to build great apps.

Next steps

Play 3 Hello World

Try Jina on fashion image search, QA chatbot and multimodal search.

Understand the Architecture

Executor and Flow are the fundamental concepts in Jina.

Create a Jina Project

Create a new Jina project with one line in the terminal

Share Executors

Learn to share and reuse Executors from the Jina community.


Join Us

Jina is backed by Jina AI and licensed under Apache-2.0. We are actively hiring AI engineers, solution engineers to build the next neural search ecosystem in open source.

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